Krizo is the mobile platform
for crisis management

We help leaders
manage crises


Crisis management consists of three phases: preparation, coordination and evaluation. These are the building blocks of Krizo.

Krizo structures your preparedness, coordinates actions and logs everything from the triggering event to closure. The crisis manager delegates plans and actions to operative assignees who report back on their preferred device.
The crisis manager’s operational overview is automatically updated by input from operatives thus cutting down time wasted on gathering information from multiple sources.

All activities and information are time-stamped and logged securely in the system. As everything is registered automatically, a minimum time is spent on post-crisis information gathering throughout the organisation.

Everything in Krizo is encrypted with AES256 and hashed with SHA256. With modern encryption technology only you can access your data with your own private keys.


Build digital plans with pre-defined actions
All actions have an owner and backup(s)
Plan update-alerts at discretionary intervals


Dashboard is automatically updated in real-time
Owners have a clear overview of own tasks
All parties communicate contextualized


Everything is logged securely on the platform
Export info chronologically/contextualized
Access all past crises or incidents digitally


With Krizo, you structure your response to likely and unlikely events such as fire, flooding, product recalls, cyberattacks, supplier failures, etc.

The response is often a two-step process. First, the immediate actions that contain the problem and cater for the people and property affected.

Second, step is the deployment of the business continuity program designed to bring your organisation back on track.

  • The core of digital crisis management plans is actions.
  • All actions have assignees who will execute the job when instructed.
  • If the assignee does not respond, the action is automatically forwarded to the next person in line via the fallback-loop.


With Krizo, the crisis manager’s dashboard is digitised and updated automatically by status input from the operative assignees. This reduces costly time spent on collecting and organising information from multiple sources and platforms.

Top management and the crisis committee are kept in the loop subscribing to the dashboard so the crisis manager can focus on getting the job done.

  • The crisis manager has a complete overview of all tasks and their status.
  • The individual operative sees only his/her own actions.
  • Each action has its own chat log ensuring the right information in the right context.
  • You can attach any file (.pdf, .jpeg .docx .mpeg, .avi, .mp3) to actions and share information instantly.


Krizo cuts down time spent on building the full post-crisis picture of “who did what when”. All activities and communications are securely stored in Krizo and grouped in the right context.

In Krizo, everything is logged.

All jobs are time-stamped when pushed, completed and approved and so is all documentation when uploaded and put into use.

  • You can access all past crises and see exactly what happened when.
  • Information can be chronologically exported and used for evaluation and insurance claims.
Crisis management is the discipline of minimizing cost to people, profit and image when your organisation faces the unwanted

With 24/7 breaking news and social media around the clock crises have become more frequent and the consequences and costs of not dealing properly with issues raised by your stakeholders have risen dramatically. If the world believes you have a crisis you have a crisis – whether you like it or not. This is the new normal.

Krizo lowers the cost of crisis management by cutting down time spent collecting information from multiple sources during and post-crisis. The platfrom improves your preparedness and resilience by structuring the building of your response and business continuity plans.